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Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Durban’s Golden Mile is washing away - Sowetan Live

Interesting article on the Durban Beachfront

Durban’s iconic central tourist beaches are being washed away‚ because Transnet and the city appear to have dithered for nearly 10 years on re-instating the city’s beach sand pumping scheme properly.
The city sought this week to blame some of the erosion on climate change and river sand-mining operations south of the city. But the major root of the current problem can be traced to 2007‚ when the old north and south piers were demolished during a R3-billion harbour-widening project.
Since then‚ the city has been limping along with a “temporary” and apparently dysfunctional sand-pumping scheme‚ because Transnet had to demolish the main sand pumping station and now – more than a decade later – has yet to commission a new sand hopper storage centre to properly replenish Durban’s eroding beaches.
As a result‚ several beaches have been severely eroded to the extent that sandbag ramparts are now in place to protect parts of the promenade from pounding waves.

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17 March 2018 - Sowetan Live

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Friday, November 3, 2017

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